Walmart customers seeing significant upcharge on blueberries: company says it’s being fixed

KENNEWICK, Wash. — If you’ve been shopping at Walmart lately and have noticed prices on certain fresh produce are higher than normal, you’re not alone.

A post on Facebook sparked a handful of similar stories — Walmart customers being charged nearly nine times the normal price for a single pint of blueberries at locations in Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland.

North Richland resident Roberta Carling said she went grocery shopping on Tuesday. She was paying in part by card and in part by cash when Carling said she noticed a significant upcharge on an item marked “site merch.”

“I looked at my little pile of groceries, and I thought, ‘what, $127 dollars worth of groceries?’ That’s not right,” Carling said.

The unspecified charge? $33.35.

“So I said to the guy, ‘I don’t think I got $127 worth of groceries.’ I had some alcohol, which obviously accounted for something. He said, ‘it’s the blueberries.’ He already knew,” Carling said. “The fact that he knew, they should have immediately taken that or stopped anybody buying that product and taking it off the shelf because it was automatically ringing up.”

A pint of blueberries normally costs around $4 dollars.

“I said, ‘well, this is fraud.’ You’re not allowed to sell things for a different price than they’re marked,” Carling said.

Kennewick resident Devynn Craig, the original poster on Facebook, said she was also charged nearly $34 dollars for the same pint, but she said in a written statement she believes it was a mistake.

“This is the only experience I’ve had with being overcharged for anything at Walmart. I don’t believe people are actually getting overcharged for items placed in correct locations,” Craig said. “Any time I’ve had an item come up as a different amount, the cashier fixes it immediately without any issues and if I ever think a price on a tag will ring up wrong, I take a picture of where I found the item, with the tag and they match it without an issue.”

Another Walmart customer wrote in the Facebook comments, “Walmart Pasco also, happened to me yesterday, Rainer blueberries, rang up as $33.35, told the cashier these better be really good berries, as she was adjusting the price.”

A different comment read, “I was wondering why when I bought 3 yesterday it came out to 99 but I figured it was warranties and a free refill for life.”

Carling said she believes consumers today have “to be pretty alert.”

“This is not right,” Carling said. “He took the $30 off and left me with the $3.95 for the blueberries. But no apology. Keep a very good watch out.”

A Walmart spokesperson told KAPP-KVEW the pricing problem was due to an incorrect universal product code and the $34 dollar charge was supposed to be for an entire crate of berries, not the single pints.

The issue has been resolved at two of the three locations, and employees are working on fixing the third, the spokesperson said, adding that they believe this will not continue to be an issue for customers.