Walmart will donate up to $10 million for natural disaster relief

Image credit: Walmart

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — In light of the devastating impact of Hurricane Ida across the southern, and now northeastern United States, Walmart is matching every donation dollar-for-dollar up to $5 million for natural disaster relief.

According to a press memo issued by Walmart on Thursday morning, the register campaign is being launched at all of their stores, including Sam’s Club locations, across the country from September 2 to 8. These donations will support efforts spearheaded by the American Red Cross in areas most impacted by wildfires and the recent Category 4 Hurricane Ida.

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Customers can donate any sum of money to be matched by one of the largest multinational retail corporations based in the United States. All donations are going to support communities most impacted by recent hurricanes, wildfires, and floods.

As Walmart Associate Tracy Gibson knows firsthand, the store is essential for many people suffering from the impacts of natural disasters.

“During the hurricane, building up to the hurricane, we were here in the store trying to make sure we were getting everything stocked up and ready for the customers,” Gibson said. “It means a lot to me to know that we can be here to help people when they need help.”

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This initiative comes shortly after Walmart announced that it will donate $5 million outright to support response efforts to Hurricane Ida. In total, Walmart can be responsible for up to $10 million in disaster relief between its prior commitment and register campaign.

Hurricane Ida isn’t the only natural disaster impacting the United States. Wildfires are rampant across the Western United States, damaging natural land in California, Washington, and Oregon alike.

You can contribute to disaster relief efforts through Walmart by shopping at or visiting any location near you.


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