WATCH: Grant Co. deputy, wanted man exchange gunfire during heated pursuit

UPDATE on July 20, 2022: Bodycam footage released by the Central Basin Investigative Team (CBIT) shows a Grant County deputy being shot at by a wanted man in Moses Lake.

The footage depicts several shots being fired by the suspect, Deputy Voss exiting his patrol vehicle and the two exchanging gunfire.

Special investigators recovered the firearm used here, a 9mm handgun, from inside the Jeep which the suspect allegedly stole. It matches surveillance footage of the suspect carrying his weapon which has not been released by Grant County investigators. Associated shell casings were recovered inside the car which the suspect was driving when deputies first made contact with him.

The details account of this incident has been left unaltered from its original publishing.

QUINCY, Wash. — Special investigators have released a new account of the Sunday afternoon car chase and shootout between a Grant County deputy and a wanted man.

Details were made public by the Quincy Police Department via social media. They say the incident began around 1:00 p.m. on July 10, 2022, when two Grant County deputies, Tyson Voss and Nic Dirks, responded to bail service for a man with outstanding warrants.

The suspect, since identified as Robert Gwinn, was allegedly seen pulling into a driveway on the 8300-block of Stratford Rd in Moses Lake. This report suggests Gwinn began to fire gunshots at the first responding officer, Deputy Voss, who turned his vehicle and tried to make contact with the wanted man.

While being targeted by gunfire, Deputy Voss reportedly exited his vehicle and began to return fire while Gwinn ran toward a fence and hopped over to a nearby storefront and residence. At this point in the conflict, Deputy Dirks arrived at the crime scene.

PRIOR COVERAGE: Shots fired during police call in Grant County

Surveillance footage obtained by Grant County law enforcement allegedly depicts Gwinn moving through the store and entering the residence, where he was met by an armed homeowner. The suspect is accused of taking the homeowner’s Jeep keys, running to the driveway and entering the vehicle while Deputy Voss fired another shot in his direction.

Gwinn allegedly drove through a field and emerged on Rd 7 NE, where the Moses Lake Police Department’s Corporal Buescher used a PIT maneuver to stop the Jeep, which spun and rolled over to its side. Law enforcement officials reportedly rendered aid at the scene with Gwinn in custody until medics arrived and transported him elsewhere.

He was eventually released from the hospital and transported to the Grant County Jail for his outstanding warrants plus the following new charges: Attempted Murder 1st Degree, 1st Degree Assault, Burglary 1st Degree, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm 1st Degree.

Search warrants are pending for all of the vehicles involved, each of which was seized as part of the investigation. Deputy Voss, who is the only law enforcement official to discharge their weapon, is on paid administrative leave while the investigation is underway.


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