WaPo: Boeing detects second software issue in 737 MAX

The Washington Post reports Boeing is admitting to a second software problem that the Federal Aviation Administration is asking it to fix on its embattled 737 MAX jets.

The second problem concerns the flaps and other flight-control hardware.

Two officials familiar with the probe told the newspaper that the problem is critical to flight safety.

The report comes after Boeing’s CEO released a statement Thursday, acknowledging a dangerous problem with the 737 MAX 8’s automated flight control systems.

Dennis Muilenburg’s comments came on the same day as the release of a preliminary report into the crash of Ethopian Airlines Flight 302.

According to the report, the pilots struggled for the entire six minutes of the ill-fated flight as the anti-stall system forced the nose of the plane down four times.

In the end, the plane went into a steep dive and crashed, killing 157 people.

Months earlier, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 crash in Indonesia killed everyone onboard.