Warmer weather, clear skies to end the work week

Jamison Keefover filling in for Jason Valentine
Warmer Weather, Clear Skies To End The Work Week

Clear skies throughout the region Thursday and into the night. No more rain to worry about for the next two days in our region. Temperatures getting well into the 80’s Thursday and Friday with a dip in heat on Saturday. Winds also not much of a factor – just a light breeze for most of our area for the rest of the week. Through Friday skies will remain partly cloudy and mostly sunny in the northwest with a weak system moving in Saturday morning. A light chance of scattered showers for the Yakima Valley and the Columbia Basin on Saturday morning to afternoon. Everything should be cleared up by the evening to overnight hours.As we start summer on Saturday temperatures will stay in the 80’s with higher overnight temperatures – getting into the high 50’s to low 60’s. Beautiful weather on Sunday for Father’s Day with temperatures rising back up into the high 80’s. By next week we will see temperatures up into the 90’s.