Washington-based app assists with substance abuse recovery


SEATTLE, Wash. – CEO and Co-Founder Daniela Tudor knows what it’s like to need recovery resources. Years ago, she found herself at an in-patient program for substance abuse.

“At the end of that, all I got was a piece of paper with all these different activities that I’m supposed to do every single week or on a daily basis to sustain my recovery,” she recalled.

Daniela said there wasn’t anyone holding her accountable for self-care, doctors appointments or abstaining from drugs.

“I had to do something about that and now six years later, we have a platform that keeps you accountable to all those activities and in fact, gives you rewards,” she said.

That platform?

WeConnect Health, a mobile app that rewards the user for positive behaviors while recovering from substance abuse.

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The app tracks days of sobriety, care visits, and also allows the user to connect with a counselor or peers.

“When you engage in those and check in to those activities on the app, you’re able to earn Amazon gift cards which you can use for food transportation household items,” Tudor said.

With pandemic restrictions, the CDC has reported more people are turning to drugs and alcohol, and overdosing.

Subsequently, Daniela said it’s harder to see a specialist, or turn to a recovery group, which makes the app even more necessary.

“That being isolated and having stay at home orders would lead to people being lonely and even higher risk than normal for a relapse event or overdose and unfortunately that fear has come true,” Daniela shared her biggest fear.

In a place like the Tri-Cities, which doesn’t have a substance abuse recovery center yet, Daniela said there is still hope for getting healthier.

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“It’s even more critical than ever to have accessible things that can make people feel being connected to their recovery program. Here in Washington state we will be covered under multiple Medicare Advantage plans,” she said.

To find out if you’re eligible, visit their website.