Inslee and Newhouse clash on Paris climate accords stance

Image Credit: Ted S. Warren
A group of anti-fascist protesters dressed in black make a brief stop outside a perimeter fence being watched by National Guard members and Washington State Patrol troopers, Sunday, Jan. 10, 2021, at the Capitol in Olympia, Wash.

OLYMPIA, Wash. — President Joe Biden announced that the United States of America will re-join the Paris climate agreement after former President Donald Trump left it in 2017. Now, Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee and Central Washington Rep. Dan Newhouse are amongst the state leaders voicing their opinion on the decision.

Gov. Inslee published a thread of tweets voicing his pleasure with the decision. He also used it as an opportunity to bring attention to the ‘America Is All In‘ coalition.

Today the United States officially rejoins the Paris Agreement. The climate crisis cannot be solved by any city, state or country alone. By rejoining we’ve affirmed to the world that we’re serious about doing our part to win this fight.

But rejoining was the easy part. Now we must to go all in on addressing climate change. This morning I was proud to help launch @AmericaIsAllIn, which sets an ambitious and achievable goal of cutting U.S. emissions in half by 2030, & reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

This is going to take a whole of government approach, but luckily we’ve got a map. We created the @USClimate Alliance, which brought together governors across the country to act on climate and reduce emissions.

Over the last four years cities, states, businesses, religious organizations & more have also taken up the mantle where the federal government failed. Together we’ve proven that we can grow our economy by reducing emissions, we must scale up that success.

We’ll need all hands on deck to build a healthy future that protects our families, our communities and our environment.

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Clearly, Gov. Inslee is fully on-board with the decision to re-join the accords. Drafted in Le Bourget, France in 2015, the Paris Agreement is an international treaty that was signed within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. It shows a distinctive commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of various countries throughout the world.

Meanwhile, Rep. Dan Newhouse of Washington’s 4th Congressional District made a statement via the Congressional Western Caucus. In it, he vehemently rejects the notion that joining the Paris Agreement is a positive step in reducing the nation and in turn, the world’s carbon footprint.

“The Paris Climate Agreement was a bad deal then, and it’s a bad deal now. President Trump withdrew the U.S. because our nation already leads the world in carbon emission reduction. Instead of keeping on the path of energy independence, President Biden is rejoining the failed Agreement,” Newhouse said. “The Paris Agreement will exacerbate the devastating effects the pandemic has had on rural communities and our domestic job market, and it will continue to prove ineffective in addressing emissions around the world. This bureaucratic mandate will stifle the American energy industry while bad actors like China continue to pollute. Sadly, President Biden has gone soft on China at the expense of American interests.”

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