Washington man caused a hit-and-run, stole a car and crashed two more times before arrest

Police lights
KITTITAS CO., Wash. — A Spokane man is in custody after quite the crime spree in Kittitas County on Tuesday.
According to the Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office, James W. Horlacher, 44, crashed into another car while driving on I-90 westbound near Lake Keechelus early Tuesday morning. He was then followed by the victim of the hit-and-run to a residential road.
Horlacher then crashed his car into a ditch in front of a home and entered the home, where he was confronted by the armed homeowner who told him to leave. Horlacher then fled, stealing the vehicle of the original hit-and-run victim that was there talking with 911 dispatchers. Horlacher ended up crashing the car into another ditch and took off on foot on I-90.
Multiple 911 callers then reported him running around the freeway lanes. A truck driver who was parked in the chain-up area called 911 a short time later to report the suspect had climbed up on his truck and was demanding to get inside.
Horlacher was arrested without incident a short time later. He was booked into the Kittitas County Corrections Center for Theft of a Motor Vehicle and Hit and Run. He is also under investigation for driving under the influence of drugs pending toxicology results.