Washington mom with COVID-19 back at home after giving birth to healthy baby girl while in a coma

A woman says she woke up in a Washington state hospital to find that she still had COVID-19 but she was no longer pregnant.

She had her baby girl while in a coma.

The last several weeks for Angela Primachenko have been a blur.

“I wasn’t sure where I was. I was very confused. I didn’t have a belly anymore, didn’t know where my baby was, I was in isolation. I hadn’t been able to see my husband,” Primachenko told KPTV.

A nightmare visit to the hospital that turned into a 17-day stay, fighting for her life and her unborn child.

And it all started with a cough.

“Like you know that kind of cough. And then for a while, for a while, and then it kind of got a little bit worse and then I started having a hard time breathing at night,” the new mom said in an interview with KPTV.

Not long after Angela tested positive for COVID-19, she was admitted to the hospital and put on a ventilator.

Her twin sister previously told Fox 12 they weren’t sure if Angela would survive.

“All of us were just like, God, if you don’t come through, we might lose our sister,” said Angela’s twin, Oksana Luiten.

Doctors delivered her baby at 34 weeks while Angela was in an induced coma fighting the virus.

This is her daughter Ava.

“Which means breath of life. And I’m like I just really like it, I think Ava is just such a beautiful name. And we did not expect to go down this road, but sure enough she ended up being our little breath of life,” Angela told KPTV.

Angela says Ava is still in the hospital as doctors are monitoring her eating.

It was touch and go for Angela after delivery, but eventually she was taken off a ventilator and started breathing on her own. Doctors slowly started to take her off medication.

The emotional cheers as Angela was released from the ICU.

Now she’s home.

“I’m just taking it every day at a time and just kind of trying to regain my strength and core and muscles,” said Angela.

Angela says this experience taught her to not live in fear.

“Rejoice, be happy. You know, life is so short,” she said.

She says her sister’s heart was in the right place to first share her story.

“She just saw that this is truly a miracle and that people need something good right now. And they need a good story. They need something that’s uplifting,” said Angela.

Angela has not been able to see Ava in person yet because she is still testing positive for the virus.

She will need to get two negative tests before that can happen.