WA Primary Election: First statewide results

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The ballot boxes are closed and the first results are being released in the Tuesday, August 4, 2020 Washington Primary Election.

The Associated Press called it shortly after 8 p.m.: Jay Inslee advances to the November election for governor. Shortly after 10 p.m., AP said his challenger would be Loren Culp, the Republican police chief of the eastern Washington town of Republic.


At 9:46 p.m., with 1,251,522 votes shown tallied on the state election results website, Jay Inslee (D) had 51.86% of the vote, Loren Culp (R) had 16.74%, Joshua Freed (R) had 7.25%, Tim Eyman (R) had 7.04%, Dr. Raul Garcia (R) had 5.02%, and Phil Fortunato (R) had 4.02%.

At 8:48 p.m., with 1,244,029 votes shown, Inslee had 51.92% of the vote, Culp had 16.71%, Freed had 7.26%, Eyman had 7.05%, Garcia had 5.04%, and Fortunato had 4.07%.

At 8:21 p.m., with 1,223,176 votes counted statewide, Inslee was at 52.29% with Culp at 16.38%, Freed at 7.25%, Eyman at 7.05%, Garcia at 4.96% and Fortunato at 4.09%.

Initially, at 8:11 p.m., with nearly 350,000 votes shown counted statewide, the top two candidates for governor were incumbent Inslee with 44.65% of the vote and challenger Culp with 22.84%. Freed had 8.21% and Eyman had 7.63%; Garcia garnered just above 5%.

Expect the numbers to change often as more and more votes are counted in the coming days. More than 30 other people also ran in the gubernatorial primary.


US Rep. Denny Heck (D) advances to the November ballot in the lieutenant governor primary; Marko Liias (D) was second with 16.65% of the 1,197,636 lt. governor votes posted at 8:23 p.m.


The November race for Secretary of State will be between Kim Wyman (R) and Gael Tarleton (D).

A look at the local Congressional race results in the first hour, at 8:48 p.m., with less than 125,000 votes tallied:


Dan Newhouse (R) will face Douglas E. McKinley (D) in the November General Election.


Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R) 50.22% – advances
Dave Wilson (D) 24.41%
Chris Armitage (D) 14.11%


Kim Schrier (D) 44.53% – advances
Jesse Jensen (R) 17.78%
Keith Swank (R) 17.28%

Other, non-local congressional races:


Suzan DelBene (D) will face Jeffrey Beeler in the November General Election.


The November race will be between Jaime Herrera Beutler (R) and Carolyn Long (D).


Derek Kilmer (D) will face Elizabeth Kreiselmaier (R) in the November General Election.

More results:

  • Rick Larsen (D) nominated U.S. House, District 2 (opponent not yet known)
  • Pramila Jayapal (D) nominated U.S. House, District 7 (opponent not yet known)
  • Adam Smith (D) nominated U.S. House, District 9 (opponent not yet known)

The top 2 candidates in each race move on to the November General Election, regardless of their political affiliation. The Secretary of State is to certify the results August 21.


Bob Ferguson (D) will move on to the November General Election. He will face Matt Larkin (R).


Chris Leyba (R) and Pat McCarthy (D) will face off in November.


Hilary Franz (D) will move on to the November General Election. She will face Sue Kuehl Pederson (R).


Chris Reykdal will move on to the November General Election. Ron Higgins and Maia Espinoza are fighting for the second spot; each had more than 20% of the vote at 8:48 p.m.


Mike Kreidler (D) and Chirayu Patel (R) will face off in November.
A look at the local Legislative District race results around 9:30 p.m., with less than 25,000 votes tallied:
Legislative District 8, State Rep. Position 1
Brad Klippert (R) 65.25%
Shir Regev (D) 34.59%
Legislative District 8, State Rep. Position 2
Matt Boehnke (R) 80.47%
Larry Stanley (A) 15.59%
Legislative District 9, State Senator
Mark G. Schoesler (R) 67.04%
Jenn Goulet (D) 32.66%
Legislative District 9, State Rep. Position 1
Mary Dye (R) 77.32%
Brett Borden (L) 21.29%
Legislative District 13, State Rep. Position 1
Tom Dent (R) 73.39%
Eduardo Castañeda-Díaz (D) 23.34%
John ‘the man’ Malan (D) 3.14%
Legislative District 14, State Rep. Position 1
Chris Corry (R) 63.13%
Tracy Rushing (D) 34.14%
William Razey (E) 2.61%
Legislative District 15, Rep. Position 1
Bruce Chandler (R) 67.36%
Jack McEntire (D) 32.54%
Legislative District 15, Rep. Position 2
Jeremie Dufault (R) 67.94%
AJ Cooper (D) 31.93%
Legislative District 16, State Senator
Danielle Garbe Reser (D) 37.13%
Perry Dozier (R) 33.4%
William “Bill” Jenkin (R) 29.35%
Legislative District 16, State Rep. Position 1
Mark Klicker (R) 64.63%
Frances Chvatal (D) 35.21%
Legislative District 16, State Rep. Position 2
Skyler Rude (R) 67.63%
Carly Coburn (D) 32.15%
In a Tri-Cities judicial race, as of 9:46 p.m.:
Benton, Franklin Superior Court – Judge Position 1
Sharon Brown 22.93%
Dave Petersen 20.67%
Shawn P. Sant 19.1%
Bronson J. Brown 16.46%
Shelley A. Ajax 11.91%
Talesha “Tali” Sams 8.5%
If numbers in races don’t add up to 100%, it’s because a write-in candidate garnered the difference — usually a very small percentage of the vote.