Washington Sen. Murray calls for Hawley and Cruz to resign

In a statement released on Friday, Januray 8, 2021, Washington Sen. Patty Murray called for the resignations of Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Sen. Josh Hawley (Missouri).

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Previously, Washington state’s Senior Senator Patty Murray (Democrat) called for President Donald Trump to resign in light of the riots at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. Today, she’s calling for two other Senators to step down from their positions.

In a press release on Friday morning, Sen. Murray condemned Senators Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) for their part in encouraging the violent mob.

“As a Senator, I respect every member who disagrees with my ideas. I reserve my right to use my voice to fight for what I believe in. But at the end of the day, our job is to keep this country a democracy where voices win, not brute force,” Sen. Murray said. “Any Senator who stands up and supports the power of force over the power of democracy has broken their oath of office. Senators Hawley and Cruz should resign.”

Sen. Murray’s viewpoint has remained firm. She was one of the first Washington Senators to turn to social media after being evacuated from the U.S. Capitol after the mob invaded the national landmark.

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Sen. Hawley and Sen. Cruz each led challenges to the electoral college certification of Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential Election. The insurrection occurred shortly after Cruz challenged Arizona’s results. After the violent riot that left multiple dead, including Capitol police officers and a woman in her 40s, the senate reconvened and Hawley objected to Pennsylvania’s results.

In her press release, Sen. Murray discussed the sanctity of a Senator’s position and the fundamental responsibilities of someone in that role.

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“I use my voice to tell people what I believe to be right, and I listen to the other side. We hear each other out, we vote, and whoever has the votes wins. And I accept that. Do I always like the outcome? No, but I accept it, because that is what our democracy requires,” Sen. Murray said. “People having a voice, being able to use it, and all of us accepting that no one person or group should get their way all the time.

“There can be no normalizing or looking away from what played out before our eyes this week. The violent mob that attacked the Capitol was made up of people who don’t accept democracy, and want to take this country by use of force. This is not how we keep our people and our country free.”

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