Washington State Fair returns in September after 2020 cancellation

Washington State Fair
Image credit: Washington State Fair (thefair.com)

PUYALLUP, Wash. — After the fun and games of the Washington State Fair were put on hold during the height of the pandemic, it’s set to return this September.

Following Governor Jay Inslee’s announcement that Washington will fully re-open by June 30, event organizers got to work preparing to welcome staff, vendors, and guests back to the fair. The state’s single largest event will run from Sept. 3 through Sept. 30, 2021.

While details on ticket sales have not been revealed yet, the 2021 Columbia Bank Concert Series is set with an extensive lineup spanning the month. For more information on all of the headliners, including the likes of Robert Daltrey, Carrie Underwood, and Ice Cube, click on the link below.

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Despite the state’s increasing vaccination efforts, the pandemic isn’t over just yet. With that in mind, the Washington State Fair will be required to uphold safety rules to ensure that the event is held responsibly.

The Washington State Fair provided its standards for sanitation and cleaning as part of its commitment to safety:

  • Providing easily accessible sanitation products for workers to clean their spaces, equipment, tools and other items
  • Ensuring vendors follow Department of Health guidelines for workers and food establishments
  • Easy access to hand washing stations and/or hand sanitizer in customer areas
  • Frequent sanitization of all working spaces, particularly concession/ticket counters, electronic pin pads and other areas contacted by customers and employees
  • Required hourly hand washing and/or sanitation by employees
  • Appropriate PPE provided to, and worn as needed for specific job roles
  • Quick and efficient response to spills and trash collection
  • Rides and games have established sanitization processes and appropriate group distancing within the guidelines.
  • Games and other high-touch areas will be sanitized frequently and staff will ensure guests are maintaining a safe social distance

Adhering to these standards will allow the Washington State Fair to proceed regardless of the hurdles imposed by COVID-19. By this point, more than 60 percent of the eligible population is vaccinated in Washington, which makes it safe for events such as this one to proceed.

Admission, ride, and concert ticket sales have not been announced just yet.


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