Washington State Patrol hoping to recruit more troopers

The state patrol currently has 100 openings.

The Washington State Patrol has had problems in the past with retaining employees in the department. A study conducted in 2015 by the Washington State Joint Transportation Committee showed most troopers left the state patrol because of low pay, benefits, and issues with management.

The state patrol said it is addressing these issues, however, and is hoping to hire one hundred additional troopers this year.

“Salary had been an issue and a lot of troopers were leaving the department, but luckily the Washington State Legislature has been addressing that issue,” said WSP Trooper Chris Thorson.

Last year, Washington Jay Governor Inslee signed a bill that increased troopers’ salary by five percent, Thorson saying it put the department “back on top for compensation and pay.”

The Washington State Patrol is conducting a rolling application process and accepting applications online. If selected, Thorson said the cadets will attend training in Shelton, Washington where they will learn all they need to become a state trooper, including driving, defensive tactics, and law classes.

Washington State Patrol hoping to recruit more troopers

Thorson said the job not only requires immense skills, but awareness of the dangers associated with a career in law enforcement.

“It can also be a dangerous job. Police officers lose their lives every day in the United States so that’s something to think about before you apply.”

If interested in applying to be a Washington State Trooper, you can apply online here.