Washington State PTA Convention kicks off

Washington State PTA Convention kicks off

YAKIMA, WA — Hundreds of educators, parents and students are in Yakima this weekend for an annual state event.

The Washington State PTA Convention kicks off today, for the first time ever at the Yakima Convention Center

The three-day convention gives PTA members and students the chance to attend professional and educational growth sessions, guest lectures, and organizational elections.

In addition, the 500-plus expected guests can exchange ideas and suggestions from their own school districts, and have them applied across the state.

“It’s not just about cookie dough, like everybody thinks we’re just here to fundraise,” said Region 11 Director and PTA member Amanda Shipman, “We’re here to do a lot more, we’re here to support our teachers, but we’re also here to show our parents how to be stronger parents.”

The group says there are more than 132,000 PTA members across the state — there are 12 regions across the state, with only three making up all of eastern Washington.