Washington State Trooper finds injured hawk on roadway, rescues it in Kennewick

Image credit: Trooper C. Thorson, Twitter

KENNEWICK, Wash. — An injured hawk is now under the care of veterinary specialists based out of Umatilla County thanks to a quick-thinking Trooper with the Washington State Patrol (WSP) who decided to take care of it.

According to a social media post from Trooper Chris Thorson, the injured hawk was spotted by WSP Sgt. Munder after leaving his home early on the morning of Aug. 3, 2022. Despite traffic and hazards, he made his way over to the hawk, safely recovered it and brought it back to his vehicle.

Sgt. Munder decided to bring the hawk to the Washington State Patrol office located off I-82 and U.S. 395 in Kennewick, where he called Blue Mountain Wildlife for help.

Washington Hawk

Image credit: Trooper C. Thorson, Twitter

They sent one of their team members to collect the bird and bring it back to their facilities to give the bird the proper medical attention it needed.

It’s unclear what kind of injuries the hawk suffered, but they were clearly severe enough to force the bird onto a roadway in broad daylight. Had Sgt. Munder not collected the bird, it would have been in grave danger of oncoming vehicles and drivers who could not see it.

The goal of Blue Mountain Wildlife is to preserve the region’s wildlife through rehabilitating injured wildlife, researching their needs and educating people on how they impact the region’s habitat through outreach programs and educational initiatives.


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