WATCH FOR ICE: Streets will be slick, with sub-freezing temperatures New Year’s Eve

Watch for snow and ice on the roads around the Tri-Cities, Yakima Friday morning.

TRI-CITIES–Prepare for bitterly cold conditions for the last day of 2021! The Arctic airmass gripping Washington and Oregon this week will remain in place for the first day of the new year.

Temperatures remain in the below freezing range through at least Sunday. Tonight will bring single digits to the region, with below-zero wind chills possible overnight. Make sure you bundle up and stay warm when heading out for any New Year’s Eve plans.

Roads will be icy across the region. Please use caution on the roads throughout the weekend. Temperatures should climb to the mid-30s by the start of next week.

Here is a special weather statement from the National Weather Service office in Pendleton:

DANGEROUSLY COLD TEMPERATURES TO CONTINUE INTO THE WEEKEND… Daytime highs will struggle to rise into the 20s and 30s with lows in the single digits and low teens. Areas in the mountains, and those that receive heavier snowfall in the lower elevations, will likely fall below zero for a time early Saturday morning, with teens and single digit lows expected otherwise… These extremely cold temperatures can lead to rapid onset of frost bite and hypothermia for those without adequate clothing and protection from the cold. If outdoors, remember to dress in layers and cover exposed skin. Due to the prolonged nature of sub freezing temperatures, uncovered pipes will be susceptible to freezing and bursting. Take steps to ensure pipes are protected and outdoor faucets are covered.