WATCH: Northern Lights span the horizon in Moses Lake

Aurora Northern Lights Moses Lake

Moses Lake October 11/12 Courtesy: Kevin Roylance Photography

MOSES LAKE, Wash. — The northern lights danced in the sky along the horizon in northern Washington and parts of Idaho. The aurora borealis illuminated Moses Lake overnight, and one aurora chaser got the perfect view of this beautiful natural occurrence.

Kevin Roylance of Kevin Roylance Photography published a time lapse on Facebook Tuesday morning and shared it with KAPP-KVEW.

GALLERY: Northern Lights illuminate the sky across the Inland Northwest

There are few natural wonders as alluring as the northern lights, which were tracked by folks at the National Weather Service offices in Spokane.

Just before 8:30 p.m. on October 11, the NWS Spokane tweeted the following:

We are hearing reports that the aurora is visible from areas of Eastern WA and most likely North Idaho. Here is the latest 30-minute forecast from the space weather prediction center which would confirm its close proximity. Let us know if you can see it.

The lights appear when particles flowing from the sun get caught in the planet’s magnetic field. While they don’t always appear clearly on camera, facing north toward the dusty, grey stretch of the sky and keeping your camera’s iris open for as long as possible are helpful tools in capturing this phenomenon.

Moses Lake wasn’t the only region where the stunning display was visible overnight. The view spanned the entire edge of Eastern Washington, up past Spokane and throughout parts of Canada. People in Idaho and others in Western Washington — gathered in spots like Snoqualmie Point Park and Mukilteo — reported seeing the dazzling display, too.


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