WATCH: SIU releases body cam footage from shooting on Columbia Center Boulevard

KENNEWICK, Wash. — On August 22nd, a man was found slumped over in his vehicle at a gas station off of Columbia Center Boulevard and Deschutes in Kennewick.

Kennewick Police responded to the scene, but Benton County Sheriff’s Deputies happened to be in the area, and assisted with the call.

We’re getting a better look at the situation after BCSO released body camera footage from the situation.

At first, footage shows officials approaching the man who eventually stirs from being slumped over. The officers talk to the man, and eventually ask him to get out, when the video shows one official’s point of view, showing the man reaching for a gun at his waistband.

Officials continue to tell the suspect to get out of his car, when he does, he takes off across West Deschutes Avenue, heading north on Columbia Center Boulevard.

As the chased the suspect, one official tried to tase him, but was unsuccessful and as that happened the suspect pulled out his gun and continued running.

In the body cam footage, you can see officials continue to chase the suspect up the major Kennewick thoroughfare, when he fires one shot and keeps running.

Then, he leads officers and deputies into an apartment complex parking lot and points the gun at his head. Officers continue to tell the man to drop the gun as he rounds a corner.

You can see the shadow of an official fire his gun twice, toward the suspect, then the deputies and officers approach him.

The man is seen laying facedown on the ground, as officials move in and handcuff him. In the video they ask the suspect if he was hit, it was later determined he was not struck by gunfire.

The suspect James West, was transported to the hospital then released and booked into custody at the Benton County Jail, where he’s facing a felony and misdemeanor charge.

You can watch the video in full here.

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