Water2Wine Cruises feeling small impact from coronavirus concerns


RICHLAND, Wash. — Businesses in the Tri-Cities are feeling the impact of novel coronavirus concerns.

Water2Wine Cruises said a corporate event postponed their cruise because some businesses won’t let their employees travel due to restrictions. Senior bookings have also dipped slightly, specifically the daytime cruises. However, the company is not letting this slow them down.

“Still come with us. We’re doing our part to do the best we can and as long as everybody follows the requirements that the CDC puts out there and the health departments,” said Jay Denney, president of Water2Wine Cruises. “You know, wash up before you come on the boat and while you’re on the boat. And you know, our staff does the same. We’ll make sure that the boat is taken care of before you get there.”

Denney said his staff continues to do a deep disinfecting of the boat before and after each use. He said they’re ready for any potential steps from the health district if something were to come up.

The company has not suspended any of their scheduled events or cruises.