Ways to make your brakes last longer

Ways to make your brakes last longer
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We’ve all heard that dreaded grinding as we press on our brakes to stop our vehicle. While replacing brake pads can be a hassle, it’s also necessary. Get tips on how to make your brake pads last longer.

Watch your speed: The faster you are traveling, the more wear and tear it puts on your brakes when you need to stop. If you are traveling at fast speeds and don’t need to stop immediately, try coasting for a while to lower your speed before applying the brake.

Be aware: Being aware of your surroundings and knowing where you will need to stop or reduce speed ahead of time can help save your brakes. If you know a stop light is coming up you can start to slow down ahead of time instead of needing to slam on your brakes.

Don’t always follow the crowd: At times we brake because we see that everyone else is. Be aware of your surroundings and know if you actually need to brake or not. It’s better to coast for a while before you learn if you actually need to step on the brake.

Unload your car: Do you carry a lot of extra stuff in your car, or even in your trunk? The heavier your car, the harder it is on your brakes. To save on your brakes, remove any unnecessary stuff.