Weather Experiment: Making an Anemometer

Learn how to measure wind speed!

Each week, we are teaching you and the kids all about the weather with fun weather experiments!

Today, we showed you how to make an anemometer. What is that you ask? Simply put…it measures the speed of the wind.

Here is a list of the materials needed for the experiment. Once you have it all put together, send us a picture of what it looks like. Below is also a chart to estimate the wind speed once you have your anemomter put together!

Materials needed for anemometer 

Estimate the wind speed

Credit: Southeast Regional Climate Center

Learn how to make an Anemometer!

WEATHER EXPERIMENT: How to make an Anemometer (measures wind speed) with Chief Meteorologist Kristin Walls and Monica!

Posted by KAPP-KVEW Local News on Tuesday, April 28, 2020