We’re here for you: KAPP-KVEW explains our coverage of the coronavirus

A note from the news director:
Coronavirus Fs

As this new virus – and the reactionary fallout – spreads to new places in Washington and Oregon, we are utilizing traditional means (TV newscasts, YakTriNews.com, KAPP-KVEW Local News Facebook page) and creating new pathways for you to receive important information.

We are with you as we all prepare for a new way of life for the time being. So many of you have questions. Many of you are scared. Many of you are unsure. Many of you think that the coverage you’ve seen on local and national media is overblown hyperbole.

We get it. We have questions, too. Our journalists are parents, travelers, and sons and daughters of those in high-risk categories. We want to know the risks and we want to know what our government is doing to slow or stop the spread of this virus.

At KAPP-KVEW, coronavirus/COVID-19-related stories are our top priority. We’re writing many of them daily, adding them to the TOP STORIES and CORONAVIRUS HEADLINES sections of YakTriNews.com, where we have a Coronavirus tab at the top of our home page. We’re also curating a coronavirus/COVID-19 email newsletter, which you can sign up for in any of the sections listed above and here as well:

KAPP-KVEW is committed to reporting the facts and not inciting fear; to providing clear, fact-based information with context. While the threat remains relatively low in our community, there is understandably significant concern. Our goal – with this subject and always – is fair, measured coverage that does not seek to harm our community.

We suggest that you get your information from sources and people that you trust. In the newsroom every day, we seek out reputable sources and proven information when we decide to share a story with you. If it seems strange and outlandish and it’s coming from a source you don’t recognize, it’s probably not true.

It’s important that we get this right. When we don’t, I want to hear from you. If you think something we’ve done is inaccurate or done to incite fear, please email me at mattv@kappkvew.com or call me at the station. Our mission is to share information and be a resource for facts without raising alarm.

We know that it’s important that you stay informed and that you can trust your sources of information. We take that responsibility very seriously. Journalists don’t want to scare you. We want simply to inform. We live in this community, too, and we have the same questions you have about this virus and its impact on our community. Our company is planning for what would happen if any of our journalists must be quarantined. We’re committed to bringing you the information, no matter what restrictions are placed on the community.

We’re constantly looking for guidance on how to cover a story like this. One of the sources we trust for that guidance is the Poynter Institute. Here’s an example of the information that organization is sharing to guide journalists around the world.

As we navigate what could be a tricky few weeks or months, we will stay on top of this health concern and continue to inform you every step of the way. You can watch KAPP-KVEW Local News live over the air, on cable and satellite systems, via our mobile apps, streaming apps including SBTV, and on our website anytime.

Thank you for turning to us as we work diligently to bring you the latest coronavirus headlines. I know that our community will get through this uncertainty. Just know that KAPP-KVEW and our journalists are standing beside you as your neighbors and friends and we’re committed to bringing you information you need to know to make the right decisions for your family.

– Matt Van Slyke, News Director