West Richland couple’s 7-11 photoshoot featured nationwide

RICHLAND, Wash. — What comes to mind when you think of 7-11?

Probably Slurpee’s and hotdogs. But what about romance?

“It’s not the usual,” Caitlynn Honeycutt said.

Brian Baciu from West Richland popped the question to his fiance, Haley Green, in November 2021.

“I was shaking, I was nervous,” Baciu got down on one knee at Hedge’s Winery.

Some time later, Haley’s cousin, Caitlynn Honeycutt had an idea.

“And I was like ‘hey can I do your engagement pictures?’ I kind of wanted to do something – I always love a good vintage feel something that’s timeless and I feel like 7-11, everybody kind of knows what it is it still has the orange, green and red, like, kind of retro colors,” Honeycutt said.

Caitlynn, who lives in Prosser, said she started her photographer business in the midst of the pandemic. As a wife and mother of four kids, she said it was a bit nerve-wracking to drop her classes at Columbia Basin College to pursue her dream.

“Finally, I was just like I should maybe just be the example of really going for something that you’re really excited about,” she said.

Another vintage vibe to the photoshoot, Haley had the perfect dress in mind.

“You know, I was like, what has puffy sleeves and is like really beautiful is my mom’s dress,” Haley asked her mother if she could sport the 1993 gown for the shoot.

On a early March evening, the trio visited 7-11 off of Wright Street in Richland for engagement pictures.

“Nobody can deny how good a Slurpee is,” Caitlynn laughed.

They wowed passersby and the employees, dressed to the nine’s inside a 7-11.

“It was a lot of fun, it was a little bit out of my comfort zone, walking in like fully dressed up in our wedding gear,” Brian laughed.

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“Everyone thought we had just got married, so people were yelling out the car and let us cut in line,” Haley said.

The fun didn’t end when Caitlynn put her camera away.

Shortly after, Haley uploaded the photos in a TikTok video, which amassed over a million views.

@haleymaeley Highly recommend wearing your moms wedding dress and taking your pictures somewhere fun ♥️ #engagementphotoshoot #7eleven #momsweddingdress ♬ original sound – Kaitlyn

A week after their shoot, Insider reached out to Haley.

“I think the first thing I asked her, like is it for real? Like it’s just some spam person,” Caitlynn said.

“I didn’t think it was going to happen,” Haley added.

The article did get published, showcasing Caitlynn’s work and their story.

Caitlynn, who took a chance by starting her business, said shares and article was reassuring.

“To do something a little bit different and outside the box and have people celebrate it and love it and share it it really — I don’t know it makes you feel a lot better,” she said.

As for the dress, Haley said her mother couldn’t be more excited it had one more chance to shine.

“So emotional about it, she’s so happy and it’s been fun sharing this with her and she’s really really happy I think,” she said.

Haley also sported her mother’s pearls for the photos and Brian wore Haley’s father’s bolo tie.

Brian and Haley will get married this fall in the Tri-Cities.

You can reach Caitlynn on Instagram, @caithoneycuttphoto.