West Richland family spreads happiness through backyard farm

West Richland Family Uses Pandemic Project To Spread Joy In Community

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. – There’s rarely a dull moment at the Hermann household, or should we say farm?

“No, I never expected – like a year ago I would’ve laughed you know if I thought – you told me this is what we were doing,” Sarah Hermann said.

Before the pandemic, the Hermann’s had a couple of farm animals. Then restrictions set in place and they needed something to stay busy; their backyard was taken over by goats, sheep, ducks, rabbits, and chickens.

“It was really easy to find a baby that needed to be bottle fed or somebody that needed a home, and we needed something to do,” the mother of four said.

Sarah Hermann, a wife and mother, was encouraged to open up her backyard to the public, by appointment. Her husband helped build new fences and structures for the animals; she named it A Bit of Happiness Farm.

“That’s what I want people to leave with, I want them to leave with a little bit of happiness that combats the rough times in life,” she said.

Sarah said they’ve had a huge turnout of families. Often times, parents bring children with special needs who find the animals therapeutic.

“We believe in play and creativity and problem solving, and I think it really helps build confidence in kids too, especially if they have extra needs,” she said.

Just like all the children are different, each animal has a back story.

“Each one has a little special story. One was just found in a field and they couldn’t find the mama and so we took her in and bottle fed her and Fern was in a diaper in our house,” Sarah recalled.

For the winter months, the A Bit of Happiness has opened up for holiday-themed tours. Although, they are sold out, so you’ll have to visit next year.

“We have hot chocolate and a fire and the kids do not mind the cold at all and it filled up almost in two days and it was amazing and we’re having the best time,” she said.

The family believes the farm has helped many get through the pandemic, after all, their mission is in the name.

“I enjoy it more than I ever thought I would too; like it has helped us get through this pandemic and this crazy year, definitely,” she said.

To learn more about A Bit of Happiness Farm, visit their Facebook or website page.