West Richland fireworks stands spared from price increases, supply chain issues

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. — The fireworks stands in West Richland were bustling on the Fourth of July.

“Today is Super Bowl. I woke up this morning going ‘whew, okay, we’re going to be 20 hours today’ so yeah, this is the big day,” Mike Prowa said.

At Big Mike’s Fireworks, it’s all hands on deck as people load up to celebrate.

Mike Prowa, who runs the stand, said they’re doing their best to keep prices low.

“We do this all year long – we literally plan for it all year long, we have multiple people that we buy from, we try to get as much stuff as we can,” he said.

Mike said while costs have gone up a little, they try to have a wide array of fireworks.

“I’ve got big packs, little packs, I mean we’ve kind of got something for everybody we can kind of work with anybody’s budget,” Mike said.

It’s a similar situation for the family behind Pyro Bros, also in West Richland.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way,” Adam Walker said he loves involving his wife and children in the fireworks business.

Walker said he also works with different suppliers to make sure his three stands throughout West Richland are fully stocked.

“We didn’t have any issues this year, in fact last year when there was a lot of shortages we were able to get stuff last year too so we seem to be able to fill our tent,” he said.

When it comes to pricing at Pyro Bros, Walker said they’re doing the opposite of what you’ll see at the gas pump or grocery store.

“So we’re trying to do the reverse we’re trying to – when things get more expensive we’re trying to keep prices down and keep people come out of here with some good fireworks and not have to break the bank,” he said.

Both men said despite people spending more on everything this summer, the demand for fireworks this year, is unmatched.

“It’s a lot of fun and we’re finding people come and come and come because they’re looking forward to celebrating and just having some fun,” Walker said.

“A lot of people just want to go out and blow fireworks up; it’s been a lot of fun,” Prowa added.

Pyro Bros three stands are located at

  • 4771 W Van Giesen Street
  • 140 Belmont Boulevard
  • Southwest Corner of Bombing Range Road and Paradise Way

Big Mike’s Fireworks is located at 3680 W Van Giesen Street. Both stands plan to stay open at least until midnight, and will have 50 percent sales on July 5th.

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