West Richland pumpkin thief caught snatching gourds on video

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. — For many households across the Northwest, pumpkin picking and carving are exciting seasonal traditions that get the whole family involved. So how would you feel if someone ran up to your porch and stole a pumpkin from your home?

One homeowner in West Richland was shocked to find someone driving through their community, stealing a pumpkin from their porch, and moving into their neighbors’ homes to steal their gourds as well.

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According to the West Richland Police Department, the homeowner chased the suspect down Keene Road while they tossed pumpkins out of their window. Local authorities say that the driver was driving recklessly while tossing pumpkins along the roadway.

This incident occurred on the evening of Monday, October 26, 2021. Security camera footage shows a female suspect getting out of a small, dark sedan parked in front of the West Richland homeowner’s residence. The woman scurries up to the porch, snatches a gourd, and runs off into the dark of night.

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As previously mentioned, the homeowner allegedly observed this suspect doing the same at their neighbor’s home. The escape vehicle may have been a GEO Metro-style car in black.

West Richland police investigators are asking for the community’s help in identifying this woman or her car. If you have any information to contribute, you’re urged to contact the WRPD at 509-628-0333 regarding Case No. 21-04769.


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