West Richland tailor makes masks to fill the gaps

Von sitting in her shop.

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. — Celebrity One Cleaners & Tailors has served the community for nearly 17 years.

Now, it is amongst the many businesses feeling the financial impact of the quarantine.

“Like everybody else, we are dying a slow death,” said owner Von Vongphachanh.

Most of her business revolves around weddings and other events, which are either cancelled or postponed.

“I can’t do any alterations, tailoring, because of social distancing,” said Vongphachanh.

No fittings, no business so Vongphachanh started sewing masks to help fill in the financial gaps and support the community.

“Just me sitting here since I couldn’t do any fittings,” said Vongphachanh, “so I’m like, I might as well help out the community.”

Vongphachanh supports the community by donating masks each week to local organizations and hospitals in need of supplies.

To support her business through this difficult time, she is also selling the handmade masks for $10 each.

If you’re interested in buying some, call (509) 967-5463 to place your order.