Wet and chilly conditions for the weekend -Jason

Welcome to the weekend! Here’s a look at your weather forecast:

Much cooler conditions for your weekend with highs in the mid to upper 60’s.  Winds will be from 10 to 20mph.  Scattered showers in the late morning to early afternoon for your Friday.  Heavier showers are expected overnight tonight into Saturday morning.  We’ll see scattered showers tomorrow afternoon into Sunday afternoon, with clearing after that.

More sunshine and a bit warmer temps in our next work week as we head toward Autumn on Wednesday.

Enjoy the wet weather this weekend, our areas sure can use the rain!


  • Pacific Northwest delighted to get rain? Probably so
    Nearly 20 fires are currently burning in Washington and Oregon, but a little relief could be coming soon in the form of rain. An atmospheric river event is taking shape, which will bring lots of moisture and rain to the region. An atmospheric river is a plume of moisture that comes in from the Pacific Ocean, bringing moisture and rain to the West Coast. Less rain is expected in California, and winds accompanying the storm system could be brutal for the firefighters battling some of the United States’s largest wildfires,. Hopefully this does more good than harm at the Schneider Springs Fire.


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