What were Washington’s most popular baby names in 2020?

Washington baby names

Officials from the United States Social Security Administration announced the most popular baby names for 2020 and you may be surprised at the results for Washington.

According to information compiled by the Social Security Administration, the most popular girl’s name in Washington state during the year 2020 was Olivia. In order, Olivia was followed by Emma, Charlotte, Amelia and Sophia. These names included five of the top six for the entire United States but did not include the name Ava, which ranked third nationally.

As for the boys, the most popular name in Washington state in 2020 was Oliver. On a national scale, Oliver was the third most popular name of 2020. The state’s next most popular names in order were Liam, Noah, Benjamin and Henry.

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The boy’s names showed the most discrepancy with national trends in 2020. Per Social Security Administration data, the names Elijah, William and James were the third, fourth and fifth most popular boys names in the United States last year. None of those names cracked the top five in Washington in 2020.

Instead, the names Benjamin and Henry — ranked seventh and ninth nationally — made a leap into the top of Washington state’s baby names for the year.

Interestingly, the same five boys’ names were ranked as the most popular names in Washington state in 2019. The name Evelyn, which ranked fifth in the state in 2019, fell to sixth in 2019.

Overall, Oliver was the most popular recorded name in the state in 2020 with 428 children receiving this name.


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