What you need to know about hybrid cars

Maintenance tips for fuel-efficient cars

Is a hybrid car right for you? Find out more about the fuel-efficient autos here.

Good on gas mileage: Hybrid cars get about 50 to 60 miles per gallon of gas. That means these vehicles use about a one-third less gasoline than traditional cars.

Low on pollution: Hybrid cars are better for the environment than traditional cars. They are said to create about 90 percent less pollution than traditional cars.

Lower depreciation value: While almost all cars depreciate as soon as you leave the lot, hybrid cars depreciate slower, according to Autos.com. This means you can sell your car for a higher amount than you could a traditional car if you were to decide to eventually sell it.

Best in the cities: Hybrids are traditionally best suited for city driving, according to Autos.com. These are great cars for your daily commute to work or driving around your home running errands.