What’s happening to the tumbleweeds responsible for ‘Tumblegeddon?’

RICHLAND, Wash. — The tumbleweeds that took the social media world by a windstorm could soon be a thing of the past.

WSDOT officials said they’re coming up with a plan to get rid of the tumbleweeds responsible for the viral videos that have been deemed “Tumblegeddon.” Right now, they’re keeping a few of their trucks near State Route 240 to monitor the tumbleweeds still on the side of the highway. Due to high winds, workers are there to make sure they don’t dislodge.

“We are trying to get into a joint effort with Hanford Fire so that we can try and burn some of these tumbleweeds, but we still have to go by the weather,” said Ryan Miller, supervisor with WSDOT.

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Miller told KAPP-KVEW that Hanford could burn the tumbleweeds to not only help them out, but for training.

“We’ll burn them in place so we’ll have to probably close the road,” he explained. “They’ll do their job and try and eliminate some of the tumbleweeds and then we’ll — once that’s done we can reopen the roads so there could be some delays next week or this week depending on the weather conditions.”

Winds are still high in the area, so doing a controlled burn isn’t in the forecast. A mix of rain and snow is expected this Friday.

Some WSDOT trucks were damaged from the tumbleweeds. Mainly plastic pieces on the trucks broke off or cracked. The mud flaps were also damaged.

Miller said in his 20 years with WSDOT, he’s never seen anything like this — especially as tall as the trucks.