What’s new on Netflix this month?

What’s new on Netflix this month?

Looking for something good to watch? Whether you want something funny or something scary, the streaming service has you covered. Here are the movies and TV series coming to Netflix in August 2018.

1. Batman Begins (2005)
PG-13 | 140 min | Action, Adventure

After training with his mentor, Batman begins his fight to free crime-ridden Gotham City from the corruption that Scarecrow and the League of Shadows have cast upon it.

Director: Christopher Nolan | Stars: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Ken Watanabe, Liam Neeson

Votes: 1,135,800 | Gross: $206.85M

2. Chernobyl Diaries (2012)
R | 86 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Six tourists hire an extreme tour guide who takes them to the abandoned city Pripyat, the former home to the workers of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor. During their exploration, they soon discover they are not alone.

Director: Bradley Parker | Stars: Jesse McCartney, Jonathan Sadowski, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Nathan Phillips

Votes: 57,590 | Gross: $18.12M

3. Clerks (1994)
R | 92 min | Comedy

A day in the lives of two convenience clerks named Dante and Randal as they annoy customers, discuss movies, and play hockey on the store roof.

Director: Kevin Smith | Stars: Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Lisa Spoonauer

Votes: 195,809 | Gross: $3.15M

4. Constantine (2005)
R | 132 min | Action, Drama, Fantasy

Supernatural detective John Constantine helps a policewoman prove her sister’s death was not a suicide, but something more.

Director: Francis Lawrence | Stars: Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, Djimon Hounsou, Shia LaBeouf

Votes: 264,826 | Gross: $75.98M

5. Dreamcatcher (2003)
R | 134 min | Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

Friends on a camping trip discover that the town they’re vacationing in is being plagued in an unusual fashion by parasitic aliens from outer space.

Director: Lawrence Kasdan | Stars: Morgan Freeman, Thomas Jane, Jason Lee, Damian Lewis

Votes: 82,375 | Gross: $33.72M

6. Edge of Fear (2018)
91 min | Thriller

After being stabbed in the heart by ruthless home invaders, a man is left for dead. Now weak, outnumbered, and knife sticking from his chest, he attempts to do the impossible: save his wife from these murderers before he bleeds to death.

Director: Bobby Roth | Stars: Rockmond Dunbar, Zhu Zhu, Shen Lin, Robert Knepper

Votes: 72

7. Eraser (1996)
R | 115 min | Action, Drama, Mystery

A Witness Protection specialist becomes suspicious of his co-workers when dealing with a case involving high-tech weapons.

Director: Chuck Russell | Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vanessa Williams, James Caan, James Coburn

Votes: 93,273 | Gross: $101.30M

8. Gran Torino (2008)
R | 116 min | Drama

Disgruntled Korean War veteran Walt Kowalski sets out to reform his neighbor, a Hmong teenager who tried to steal Kowalski’s prized possession: a 1972 Gran Torino.

Director: Clint Eastwood | Stars: Clint Eastwood, Bee Vang, Christopher Carley, Ahney Her

Votes: 642,716 | Gross: $148.10M

9. House of Deadly Secrets (2018)

A mother and her young daughter move into a new house looking for a new start. But they soon realize that they will become part of a dark history.

Director: Doug Campbell | Stars: Patty McCormack, Angie Patterson, Violet Hicks, Philip Boyd

Votes: 78

10. Los Tiempos de Pablo Escobar (2012 TV Movie)
46 min | Documentary

A complete journalistic document that brings never before seen shocking images and testimonials from people who show how the barbaric acts of Pablo Escobar managed to subdue a nation, and how his legacy continues to affect the world today.

Director: Alessandro Angulo

Votes: 241

11. Million Dollar Baby (2004)
PG-13 | 132 min | Drama, Sport

A determined woman works with a hardened boxing trainer to become a professional.

Director: Clint Eastwood | Stars: Hilary Swank, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Jay Baruchel

Votes: 560,834 | Gross: $100.49M

12. No Reservations (2007)
PG | 104 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

The life of a top chef changes when she becomes the guardian of her young niece.

Director: Scott Hicks | Stars: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart, Abigail Breslin, Patricia Clarkson

Votes: 64,502 | Gross: $43.11M

13. P.S. I Love You (2007)
PG-13 | 126 min | Drama, Romance

A young widow discovers that her late husband has left her 10 messages intended to help ease her pain and start a new life.

Director: Richard LaGravenese | Stars: Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler, Harry Connick Jr., Lisa Kudrow

Votes: 186,295 | Gross: $53.70M

14. Secretariat (2010)
PG | 123 min | Biography, Drama, Family

Penny Chenery Tweedy and colleagues guide her long-shot but precocious stallion to set, in 1973, the unbeaten record for winning the Triple Crown.

Director: Randall Wallace | Stars: Diane Lane, John Malkovich, Margo Martindale, Nelsan Ellis

Votes: 23,184 | Gross: $59.71M

15. Silverado (1985)
PG-13 | 133 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A misfit bunch of friends come together to right the injustices which exist in a small town.

Director: Lawrence Kasdan | Stars: Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover

Votes: 31,623 | Gross: $33.20M