Where are the coldest spots in the Tri-Cities during a heat wave?

KENNEWICK, Wash. – As the Tri-Cities continues through an extreme heat wave, KAPP KVEW decided to check out some of the coldest places in the area.

Have you ever wondered how bags of ice make their way to your Tri-Cities grocery store or gas station?

Chances are, that cold bag started at the Columbia Basin Ice in Kennewick.

“We do about 200 tons of ice a day,” Ryan James said.

As the Director of Operations, James said this time of year is non-stop work to supply ice as far as the pass.

He said they get so busy, they hire double the amount of employees for the summer months.

“We run 24/7 from May ’til the end of September and don’t shut down one day,” James said.

With the triple digit temperatures, Ryan said the demand for ice is higher than normal.

“No one has ice, so we’re pretty fortunate to have the production we do, can make as much ice as we do and keep everybody satisfied,” he said he’s been getting calls nonstop from people needing a supply of ice.

Now, you can’t just wander around the warehouse to cool off, but if you are looking for a way to escape the heat, how does a cryo-facial sound?

“Builds collagen in your skin with that, it’s gonna help with any fine lines wrinkles and really good for closing up your pores,” Mia Kirvy with Sculpt Wellness Tri-Cities said.

In addition to the super cold face mask, Sculpt also has a cryotherapy chamber.

“Negative 130 degrees anywhere up to negative 175,” Kirvy said.

Kirvy, the manager with Sculpt, said the chamber will definitely cool you down, but the main health benefits don’t begin until you step out.

“Sleep, pain relief, really good for clients that have arthritis, head aches, weight loss, you burn 500 to 800 calories in the chamber and it’s nice if it’s hot out to just come in here and get cold even besides the benefits,” she laughed.

With the higher temperatures, Kirvy said they chamber is on high demand.

“We are still welcoming in new clients just because we want to get everyone in with how hot it is but yeah, we are looking into getting another one,” she said.

If you have too much fun during the Fourth of July weekend, or maybe need some extra hydration after this heat, Sculpt also has IV infusions.

“It’s basically full of electrolytes so if anyone is dehydrated if they’re just feeling really hot if they’re drinking all weekend and want to come in and get revitalized that’s great,” Kirvy added.

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