White Pass Ski Resort set to open with COVID guidelines

NACHES, Wash. – Snow is expected to hit the Eastern slopes of the Washington Cascades this weekend. Which is prompting White Pass Ski Resort to prepare for the upcoming season, but like many other activates, skiing during a pandemic is going to look and feel different.

Kevin McCarthy, General Manager at White Pass, took to Facebook live and Instagram on Thursday to inform skiers about the changes and answer any questions.

McCarthy says he and other ski resort managers have spoken with Governor Inslee to discuss what it would take to ski this season. With health and safety in mind, many precautions and new rules will be put in place.

Including wearing facemasks at all times, practicing social distancing as much as possible, and treating your car like a lodge. McCarthy and the White Pass team came up with this motto “Don’t be the reason we lose our season.”

“Face masks in the base area and all the buildings, and in the parking lot. Also, try to socially distance – your not going to be alone up there and when we ride the lifts you must ride with your group. Ride with your traveling group,” said McCarthy

Its possible, that if multiple cases of COVID-19 are linked back to the ski-resort, it may have to close for the remainder of the season, According to the Governors office.

Another part of the agreement with the Governors office is requiring staff to stay home if they show even the slightest sign of illness or fever. Staff have also been instructed to stay home if a family member or roommate becomes ill.

The most noticeable change this year will be no child care services and indoor activities such as dining, rentals and, retail purchases will be limited and by appointment. As well as multiple hand-sanitizing stations will be added around the area.

I really want to ski this year and I want to have all my 200 employees have a job this year. So don’t be the reason we lose our season that’s the motto this year,” said McCarthy.

More details about their COVID-19 Guidelines can be found here.