WHL Releases Statement on Washington L&I Investigation

WHL Child Labor Testimony in Olympia

The Western Hockey League issues a statement this morning in response to reports from Your Local ABC and other media outlets about the Washington Department of Labor and Industries decision to proceed with an investigation into a child labor complaint filed in 2013 against one of the league’s four Washington based teams.

Here is the statement as issued by WHL Commissioner Ron Robison:

“The Western Hockey League (WHL) and our member clubs in Washington State are aware of yesterday’s media reports. The reports are inconsistent with information received by us from the Department of Labour and Industries. The Clubs have provided their position in detail and stand ready to provide any further information requested by the Department of Labour and Industries. No request has been received since the Clubs responded to the Department in February. We have a cooperative dialogue with the Department.

Amateur hockey players have competed within the WHL in the State of Washington since 1977. The WHL is committed to providing our players with a player experience that includes unmatched hockey development, an education package, billeting, equipment and health and wellness programs.”

Following the release of Robison’s statement, Your Local ABC again checked with L&I. Spokesman Matthew Erlich tells us that the league has been notified of the decision to move forward with the investigation and that an investigator will be asking for more information from the league and the teams during the course of that investigation.