Why millions of Washington apples will go unharvested this year

WASHINGTON – Wednesday is National Apple Day – a day that helps us remember how lucky we are to live in Washington! And did you know, Washington provides 60% of all apples in the United States?

However, this years crop won’t be as big as usual because of some extreme weather events we’ve experienced.

“There was a windstorm event over Labor Day weekend that did reduce the crop volume and then we also had some wildfires on the West Coast with intense smokey conditions and that impacted harvest because people couldn’t go outside to harvest the fruit,” said Toni Lynn Adams of the Washington Apple Commission.

The Washington Apple Commission says they’re expecting about 13 million less boxes of apples this year – but not to worry – despite this, they’re still seeing plenty of apples harvested with good quality. And of course, this fruit is great for you.

“There are tons of benefits to eating apples and we encourage everyone to eat an apple a day. It’s an old saying but it rings true. Apples are packed with nutrients and we always advise people to eat the skin. The skin holds ton of nutrients,” said Adams.

For recipe ideas so you can celebrate National Apple Day, visit the Washington Apple Commission online at www.bestapples.com