Power restored for some Richland residents + Outage caused by fire at power line


UPDATE at 5:30 p.m.: The City of Richland Government says that power has been restored to all substations and that residents should have their power restored. If your power wasn’t restored automatically, try flipping your breaker.

If your power still has not been reported, you can report an after-hours outage at (503) 943-4428.

City officials say that a fire at the BPA transmission line behind Fred Meyer at 101 Wellsian Way caused this outage.

RICHLAND, Wash. — A widescale power outage is impacting community members across the Tri-Cities as large sections of Richland are without power on Tuesday night.

According to a Facebook post by the Richland WA Police Department, traffic signals are out at numerous intersections across the city. Local police have attributed the outage to a fire that began around 4:15 p.m. on September 28.

Local authorities ask that drivers treat all intersections impacted by the power outage like four-way stops and that community members exercise extreme caution and patience while power crews work to rectify the situation.

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The City of Richland took to social media, announcing that the power outage is impacting North Richland specifically; and that it is a Bonneville Power Administration outage impacting three of the city’s substations.

As a result, Richland City Hall and numerous other city facilities are unable to operate as usual. That means payments cannot be made over the phone and that customers cannot be assisted via phone or the internet for the time being.

Richland Parks and Recreation announced online that the outage is impacting the Richland Community Center, and that their phones are not currently working.

Spectrum sent a text message to impacted community members, stating that restoral is estimated by 7:00 p.m. PST. However, that is up to power crews from the Tri-Cities region and the BPA.

This is a developing news story. An update and/or follow-up will be issued as further details are revealed.


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