Windy week ahead, with light showers possible tomorrow – Jason

Your Monday evening local forecast - 1/6/20

Good Monday evening!

After some light AM rain, winds took over our areas with warm temperatures throughout our region.  We will be a bit cooler tomorrow, but still warm for this time of year, but cooler temps are looming as we head into our weekend.

Winds will be sticking around, in the 10 to 20 mph range through Friday.  We have a chance of seeing some light rain tomorrow, with a better chance of rain to rain/snow mix on Friday.

Overnight tonight will see lows mostly in the 40’s with partly cloudy skies.  Tomorrow, some sun breaks, with the best chance of light rain in the afternoon hours.

As we get colder into our next work week, we could see some snow reaching our areas.

Have a great Monday evening!