Winter car care maintenance tips

Experts say letting your car sit idle could cause issues
iStockPhoto / sjlocke

Follow these tips to help get your car ready for winter.

Remove leaves, twigs: Remove any leaves or twigs that have gathered on your car. Leaks or corrosion can form when the foliage builds up where water is supposed to flow out.

Check your wipers: Make sure your wipers are in good condition before they are tested by winter’s precipitation.

Check your battery: Is your battery fully charged and ready to contend with colder temperatures? Make sure you have it checked before the temps fall.

Check your fluids? Make sure your fluids – including the antifreeze – are full.

Check your tires: With slippery roads, snow and other elements to contend with, it’s important to make sure your tires are in good shape. Make sure they have plenty of tread to gain traction on the roads, and also make sure they are properly filled.