WSDOT East: ‘The Big Leplowski’ will join ‘Plowie McPlow Plow’ on the snowy roads this year

The Big Leplowski
Courtesy: WSDOT East

SPOKANE, Wash. — After hundreds of suggestions and several rounds of voting, WSDOT East has unveiled the name of its new tow plow.

The Big Leplowski was christened Monday morning and will be serving the Spokane area alongside WSDOT East’s other tow plow. Plowie McPlow Plow was named by the public in a vote last year.

The Big Leplowski. Courtesy: WSDOT East

WSDOT’s eastern region is home to the only tow plows in Washington state. The tow plow is designed to be towed and extended out at an angle behind a plow truck to clear a secondary lane simultaneously. Tow plows are also equipped with a granular spreader and liquid tanks to disperse deicing materials.