WSP advises: Fog in freezing temps could mean frozen roads

As the cold holiday season approaches, combining more people on the roads with dangerous driving conditions, WSP is advising to stay cautious.

TRI-CITIES, Wash. — Fog, or any precipitation in the air when the temperature drops below freezing can create a driving hazard, according to the Washington State Patrol (WSP).

Trooper Chris Thorson said if there’s rain or fog, there’s a chance there could be ice on the roads.

“Fog can actually freeze and that can freeze on the roadway and make it slippery. So, keep an eye on the temperature inside your vehicle if it’s under 32 degrees,” said Trooper Thorson. 

Trooper Thorson said with Thanksgiving coming up, along with freezing temperatures, to ‘pack with patience.’ That means to increase the time to get to your destination. His tips are to watch the speed limit, stay out of the left lane, increase following distance, use your turn signal and just drive politely.

There will be more cars on the roads, with the busiest travel days of the year coming up. Not only will it be busy, but it will likely be wet and cold, leading to icy roads. Trooper Thorson recommended winter or all-weather tires, and all-wheel-drive, or four-wheel-drive vehicles.

He also said that Thanksgiving means holiday parties, and the WSP wanted to issue a reminder for getting behind the wheel.

“We want to remind everyone, please don’t get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or consuming drugs. Now is not the time with anyone who wants to lose a loved one,” Trooper Thorson said.

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