WSP offers helpful tips to avoid tire blowouts

WSP offers helpful tips to avoid tire blowouts

Experts are fighting to keep you safe on the road in this heat Thursday.

Car tires are heating up, blowing out, and causing catastrophic events.

Washington State Patrol (WSP) has responded to at least five blowouts a day since temperatures have started their climb.

Troopers say this can lead to some even bigger dangers, and it’s something you can avoid.

“We want you to pull to the right side of the roadway because if you pull into the median with a blown out tire or an engine problem you may catch that grass on fire and that’s going to lead to a lot more problems, ” WSP Trooper Chris Thorton said.

You can prevent blowouts by getting your tires rotated, checking them for any punctures and keeping an eye on your tire pressure.

35 is best and 45 is too high.

Les Schwab Tires is also offering free air and safety checks before you hit the road.