WSP patrol car sideswiped on I-182 in Pasco during response to multi-car accident

PASCO, Wash. — During their response to a multi-car accident on I-182 in the Tri-Cities on Thursday afternoon, a WSP Trooper’s patrol car was sideswiped because of slick conditions on the roadway.

According to a social media alert from WSP Trooper Chris Thorson, the patrol vehicle suffered damage to the back right tail light when a black pickup truck grazed the side of the SUV.

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The Trooper arrived at the scene of I-182 near Road 68 to investigate a separate crash. Thankfully, no one was injured as a result of these incidents.

Road conditions are starting to improve on highways and residential roads as the sun peeks out from behind the clouds to help to melt some snow and ice. However, certain sections of roadways like this stretch on I-182 in Pasco still have a dense snowpack that can cause vehicles to skid or slide.

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If you must drive on Thursday night, you’re urged to be extremely cautious and maintain a safe speed. WSP Troopers responded to 50 accidents last night in the Tri-Cities alone. While the precipitation has slowed down, it will take a few days for ice and snow to truly melt so roads can return to normal.

This is a breaking news story. An update and/or follow-up will be issued if further details are revealed to the public.


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