WSU Tri-Cities raises funds for students in need on ‘#CougsGive Day’

WSU Tri-Cities
Image credit: WSU Tri-Cities

RICHLAND, Wash. — April 14 is ‘#CougsGive Day’ at Washington State University, so naturally, WSU Tri-Cities is getting in on the fun. They are offering a variety of challenges aimed at funding student success through prizes and giveaways.

Following a year of great hardship for people throughout the United States, many students at WSU Tri-Cities have suffered. This fundraiser isn’t being held for the school itself, but for the students and faculty who need it most.

Each donation made as part of #CougsGive Day is being re-invested into three separate funds: The Chancellor’s Excellence Fund, the Scholars Excellence Fund and the Student Emergency Hardship Fund. Schools officials provided the following context about how each of these funds will assist hardworking students at WSU Tri-Cities.

WSU Tri-Cities Chancellor’s Excellence Fund: This fund provides campus leadership with the flexibility to fund the most compelling needs of our students, faculty, and staff.

WSU Tri-Cities Scholars Excellence Fund: This fund supports student scholarships and stewardship opportunities. Scholarships are vital to student achievement. They change lives and foster incredible future leaders in our communities.

WSU Tri-Cities Student Emergency Hardship Fund: A lifeline for students who struggle to meet the costs of higher education, this fund provides immediate support for food insecurity, bereavement, illness, or unanticipated expenses resulting from crises. With your support, we can ensureno student is forced to compromise progress toward a degree because of unexpected financial difficulties.

Community partners have stepped up to make sizable donations that contribute to the educational endeavors of many students. Beyond that, many people already within the school community are being encouraged to participate as well.

For example, the academic department that donates the most money to one of the three aforementioned funds will receive a $2,500 airline voucher for their department through the Alaska Airlines Faculty Challenge.

At the time of this article, WSU Tri-Cities has raised over $2,200 across 30 donations. Applicable donations are being tallied until midnight on April 14, 2021. For more information, #CougsGive Day.


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