WSU Tri-Cities receives $25k donation for food pantry program

The generous donation from Lamb Weston is the third to support WSU Tri-Cities students in need.
WSU Tri-Cities
This image was captured at the grand opening of the WSU Tri-Cities' Cougar Cupboard on April 17, 2018.

RICHLAND, Wash. — On Giving Tuesday, it was announced that WSU Tri-Cities received a $25,000 donation from food processing company Lamb Weston. The donation will be put toward the Cougar Cupboard initiative.

The Cougar Cupboard is a program that fights hunger in the school community. Campus life is nothing like what it looked like this time last year and in many ways, that’s increased the hardship for underprivileged students and their families. This program was put in place to provide food for members of the school community throughout the year.

During a post to social media, the school noted that budget cuts have made it difficult to sustain the program. Generous donations like this one are crucial to keeping the program afloat during these trying times.

This donation marks the third installation of $25,000 donated by Lamb Weston as part of a naming sponsorship deal.

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Beyond simply giving access to canned and boxed goods, the Cougar Cupboard provides a healthy variety for those in need. Fresh food, toiletries and pre-packaged items are all included. Additionally, students can pick items or pick up a pre-packed assortment of products from the pantry’s staff.

WSU Tri-Cities Chancellor Sandra Haynes expressed her gratitude in a statement on Giving Tuesday.

“Things can be difficult amid the pandemic. This support goes a long way to help students and their families by allowing them to continue their education,” Haynes said. “Students don’t have to make the choice between eating or continuing with their college education in pursuit of a brighter future.”

Lamb Weston’s Vice President Innovation, Deb Dihel also made a statement in a brief video on the Washington State University Tri-Cities’ YouTube Channel.

“With even more people seeking help during this unprecedented year, we want to make sure that the WSU Tri-Cities Cougar Cupboard has the staff and supplies necessary to meet the needs of students to keep them on-track and focused on their education in pursuit of a productive and rewarding career,” Dihel said.

You can learn more about the program by following this link.

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