Yakama Nation Tribal Council meets with Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff

Yakama Nation

YAKIMA, Wash. — Members of the Yakama Nation Tribal Council met with the Second Gentleman of the United States (SGOTUS), Douglas Emhoff on Tuesday morning to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their community.

In meeting with the Yakama Nation Tribal Council, Emhoff is hoping to build support for the proposed ‘American Rescue Plan,’ which includes millions of dollars of relief for Native communities in these trying times. Additionally, he’s sharing information about the American Jobs Plans, which directly assists the nation’s Native communities.

Much of that aid is meant to be reinvested in the community. It’s meant to allocate funds toward education in low-income Native communities, housing programs, and preserving Native languages to better communicate with elders who are at-risk from COVID-19.

During his visit, Emhoff met with a number of representatives of the Yakama Nation Tribal Council. The list of notable attendees is as follows:

  • Delano Saluskin, Chairman
  • Virgil Lewis Sr., Vice-Chairman
  • Athena Sanchey-Yallup, Secretary
  • Charlene Tillequots, Assistant Secretary
  • Dana Miller, Tribal Council Member
  • George Selam, Tribal Council Member
  • Francis George, Tribal Council Member
  • Raymond Smartlowit, Tribal Council Member
  • George R. Meninick, Tribal Council Member

Emhoff also visited a Yakama Nation cultural center and participated in a traditional ceremony, according to KAPP-KVEW sources.

The SGOTUS is on the second leg of a trip through the Pacific Northwest after visiting Eugene, Oreg. on Monday.

Douglas Emhoff is the nation’s first ‘Second Gentleman’ considering Kamala Harris is the first woman to serve as the Vice President of the United States. Recently, VP Harris was tasked with addressing the nation’s border crisis — An issue that’s consumed the attention of politicians and community members nationwide.

Next’s he’s heading to the FEMA-funded mass vaccination site at State Fair Park, where he’ll meet with Governor Jay Inslee.


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