Yakima author partners with bookstore to provide Thanksgiving meals for the homeless

Yakima author partners with bookstore to provide Thanksgiving meals for the homeless

Inklings Bookshop is partnering with a local author to give back to the community this holiday season. The bookshop is planning to donate the cost of a Thanksgiving meal to the Union Gospel Mission for every copy of Grace Knows Your Name sold this month.

Long-time Yakima resident, Debra Yergen’s latest book about the power of grace and gratitude was released last month. She said she’s humbled the proceeds will go straight to helping feed and care for someone in need.

“Having grown up in Yakima, I’d grown up learning about the Union Gospel Mission and the great good that they do in the community,” said Yergen. “So I was just absolutely thrilled when I realized that we had this opportunity to make a difference to somebody who might just need a Thanksgiving meal.”

Yakima’s Union Gospel Mission serves men, women and children experiencing homelessness, and provides emergency and transitional services. The mission offers a number of resources to help get those they serve out of homelessness.

Yergen said she felt called to write this book.

“Sometimes the smallest act of grace can mean the world to someone else. It can make a real huge difference,” said Yergen. “So when you have the opportunity to reach out or to do something that is going to change someone’s life, do it because they’ll remember that forever.”

Susan Richmond works at Inklings Bookshop, and came up with the idea to give Thanksgiving meals since the book is so focused on gratitude.

“I think most of us are really confused about what we can do to help people, and the Union Gospel Mission has a tried and true method of really giving the people the help that they need,” said Richmond. “That’s what’s fun about being an independent book seller is that we get to kind of have our finger on the pulse of the community, and we get to give our dollars back to the community.”

People looking to support Union Gospel Mission in other ways are always welcome to drop off warm clothes, food, toiletries or sign up to volunteer.