Yakima Canyon brush fire contained to five acres, S.R. 821 set to re-open in afternoon

YAKIMA, Wash. — Level 3 evacuations were ordered after a brush fire ignited along a steep embankment in the Yakima River Canyon around 11:21 a.m. on Friday morning. Yakima Valley Emergency Management has since lifted evacuation orders after first responders contained the spread of this brush fire.

KAPP-KVEW’s Emily Goodell spoke to WSP Trooper John Bryant, who confirmed details about the fire and response from local officials.

S.R. 821 was closed on Friday afternoon, but Trooper Bryant expects it to re-open around 3:30 p.m. once the fire is cleared up. As of now, the fire spanned only five acres but threatened the Roza Campground. This fire ignited brush along steep elevation.

“It was up a really steep embankment,” Trooper Bryant said. “The firefighters that actually went up there to fight the fire were like billy goats. They did a really good job driving up there; going up there on foot, traveling to the hotspots.”

No homes were evacuated and no structures were threatened by the fire. The Washington Department of Natural Resources and responding fire teams called for the help of helicopters, which landed along S.R. 821, causing it to be closed to most traffic. Those helicopters filled buckets of water from the Yakima River that’s being used to douse the flames.

As of this update, the fire has impacted five acres along the Yakima River Canyon.

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YAKIMA, Wash. — A Level 3 Evacuation Order has been set for homes east of S.R. 821, west of I-82, and north of Selah Creek due to a wildfire burning in the Yakima Canyon.

This information was provided by a Facebook post from Yakima Valley Emergency Management. The Evacuation Zone is adjacent to the controlled burn zone from the recent Burbank Fire, which spanned approx. 13,000 acres northeast of Selah in Yakima County.

Level 1, 2 Evacuations Ordered For People Living Near Andrus Fire In Cheney

If you are in the impacted evacuation zone, you must leave your home and get to safety immediately. Under Level 3 evacuations, fire danger is posing an immediate threat to people and structures in the region.

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