Yakima council agrees to allocate $50,000 for summer programs

Yakima council agrees to allocate $50,000 for summer programs

Patrick Milton is a member of ASAP, short for Attention Serving All People, an organization providing safe learning environments for children.

With a recent rise in Yakima violence, Milton ready for change.

“What’s happening now is ridiculous, the murder rate is out of control,” said member of ASAP Patrick Milton.

Milton was with one of several community organizations attending Monday morning’s special city council session.

A meeting piloted by council member Avina Gutierrez.

It aims to spend budget money on programs to keep youth engaged in the summer, she hopes it will end some of the violence.

“The more positive opportunity’s we create for safe places for our kids to go afterschool and for their families and places to learn different ways to have the outlets for whatever you’re experiencing in life I think it’s for the better,” said Yakima council member Avina Gutierrez.

Council agreeing to allocate an additional $50,000 to summer youth programs,

200 Yakima students now able to participate all summer long.

“I’m really hoping that this is going to be a catalyst to spur some collaborative efforts for some other partnerships and really bring this to the limelight and forward the attention, the need for mentorship,” added Gutierrez.

As for Milton, he said this is only the beginning

“In order to eliminate gang violence and eliminate these gang murders it’s going to take a new approach,” said Patrick Milton.

Looking ahead to the new proposal.

The money will come from the general fund.

Council will also look for community donations to help with the cost.

It will release an update on the programs receiving extra money at next Tuesday’s council meeting.