Yakima County Clerk has first hearing, amid recall efforts

Yakima County Clerk has first hearing, amid recall efforts

Dick Johnson, is one of two attorneys who took the initial step to recall Yakima County Clerk Janelle Riddle.

Johnson concerned, saying riddle failed to perform her duties since taking office in 2015 and continued to act wrongfully.

“Even after the filing of a comprehensive report on May 31, 2016, continues to be in non-compliance with virtually everything that report pointed out as being an error,” said Dick Johnson, who signed recall petition.

These errors found by an independent panel, blaming riddle’s office.

She’s being accused of mismanagement, including delays in processing no-contact orders and forwarding about 61-percent of child support orders.

Costing the county more than $200,000 in reimbursements.

“I don’t understand how there’s any excuse that can be brought from that and there is not,” said Johnson.

Riddle’s attorney said otherwise, he’s hopeful the recall won’t move forward because it can’t be proven that riddle intended to violate her duty.

But Johnson saying intent isn’t required.

“She said and promised that she would faithfully carry out the duties of her office as County Clerk, we don’t have to show intent clearly for misfeasance or violation of her oath, “said Johnson.

Johnson feeling positive his efforts will be successful.

“It should proceed to the gathering of signatures and to get the matter on the ballot,” said Dick Johnson.

After today’s hearing, the judge will have until Friday to decide if they will continue to move forward with recall efforts.

As for Janelle Riddle, she declined to comment.